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From the beginning, the study of the customer problems has always been central to the activities of PGM. For this reason the first actions carried out were the issue analysis, the study and implementation of the changes, with shares of extraordinary maintenance and modernization (retrofit), on machinery and equipment assembly, painting and printing already existing as well as on presses of various types and sizes. Later, new requirements took to a strengthening of the technical and productive staff and an increase of the supply for the customers. Today P.G.M. engineering s.r.l. studies, manufactures and installs various types of machinery: assembling machines, coating machines, control systems and modules for testing parts assembled and special machines such as for example a machine multi-matrix machine for bending steel pipes.
The review and update service of used machines is offered both for a general review of the mechanical gears that allow machine movements, and for the safety in the workplace laws. Our technical staff, for machinery and plants performs general and detailed assessments , even if they're very exploited and they have reached the limit of their production possibilities, to check if there are conditions for a general review to give a new life to the machine. We are able to analyze and to make an evaluation of the changes which can arise a proposal to the customer for a wide range of machinery.
We both analyze and study with our customers the best solutions in order to satisfy their needs, with a real co-engineering action. In close cooperation with the customer we are able to perform design work to achieve the best benchmark. When we realize our work, we begin with the customer a planning of integration, of availability, of technical support and collaboration in aspeets. We want contribute to the growth of our customers by offering them innovative solutions that they will lead to constant technological and productive betterment.
Thanks to the gained experience in different sectors, PGM is able to offer to its customers the support and the necessary advice for the choice of techniques and optimal processes in order to obtain the desired results. The experience of the PGM technicians bring the customer from the initial analysis, to feasibility study, to the prototypes and samples construction, until the project realization and the machine or plant start, assisting him in his choices and always proposing original and innovative solutions.
We perform the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service and repairing directly to the customer with short intervention times; on request we can offer a maintenance programmes scheme designed according to the needs of the customer. We are able to solve problems related to the machines daily management and find the solution to complex questions about availment and maintenance of the same. This is possible thanks to a powerful information system that makes it immediately available to P.G.M technicians all the information (data, drawings, photos, ...) about a particular machine or plant, regardless of when it was produced and where it was installed.
Our staff is able to directly detect on the field some problems regarding installation, offering then the best solutions to the problems encountered. Before installing the machines at the production unit of the customer, on request we perform their testing cycles simulating operating and carrying a small sampling for validation the finished product, with verification of the final quality obtained, to certify the perfect correspondence of the machine and its operation to the requirements of the project.
Spare parts
The missing of a component in a supply can create a huge problem to the customer, especially when one is working with companies around the world. Nowadays, for an industry on the market, the supply of spare parts is certainly an extremely complex and delicate activity. P.G.M. is able to check the availability of spare parts for their machines and take early for their supply. Even in case of retrofit of machines or accessories made by other manufacturers, PGM can identify and provide the correct components, it is also possible also for old machinery.
Once again the secret is still in the information system that is able to make all the information necessary for the correct supply of spare parts for any type of machine or the system.
From the very beginning the study of the customer`s problems has always been an important goal of the activities of P.G.M.
The first actions carried out were the problem analysis, the implementation of the modifications, the extraordinary maintenance and modernization actions, the already existing machines for assembly, painting and printing, as well as the presses of various types and sizes.
Following new needs have led to a strengthening of the technical and production staff and an increase in the offer to customers.
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